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This group is for middle aged men, who've lost passion and purpose and are ready to reclaim their life back!


The Four Stages Of Inner Work For Men Group "Success Path"

The ultimate journey for men...

Where are you now and where do you want to be?


Stage 1 - Awareness:

  • You often find yourself thinking about when you where younger (good old days).
  • You often feel regretful and lack passion in your life.
  • You're not focused, don't have any life goals and feel pretty stuck in life, wondering is this it?
  • The Key is awareness, you know life can be better but struggle on how to get there.

Milestones to be achieved:

  • Identified at least two inner blocks holding you back.
  • Developed a plan of action to remove blocks.
  • Daily energy levels have improved and feel more optimistic about your near future.
  • Taking action on the awareness that you want a better version of your life.
  • Working on Inner Work For Men course.

Stage 2 - Game Plan:

  • You have set goals that provide you excitement and hope for a bright future ahead.
  • Develop a structured day with intention.
  • Discovered a new found energy you haven't experienced in a while.
  • Daily victories are common.
  • Achieving small goals and begin to think about setting bigger goals that will both challenge and embrace your new winning attitude towards life.

Milestones to be achieved:

  • Achieved at least 3-4 small goals.
  • Each day you have a game plan with a scheduled day.
  • Completion of IWFM course and 10 Day Fitness Challenge For Men Course, takeaways and strategies implemented.

Stage 3 - Transformation:

  • You're confident and ready to take action on big life goals that will transform your life.
  • You have high standards and live them daily.
  • You have discipline, accountability and follow through.
  • Laser focused and nothing will keep you from achieving BIG life goals.

Milestones to be achieved:

  • Clearly written BIG Life Goal(s)
  • Completion of IWFM course.
  • Log into your IWFMG every day.
  • Completion of Discover Your Greatest Life course.

Stage 4 - Inner Freedom:

  • You are committed to doing the inner work.
  • You understand your external world is directly connected to your inner being.
  • You are living a life of intention.
  • You're vibrating at a high energy level.
  • You're giving your gift to the world and living your fullest potential.

Milestones to be achieved:

  • Focus driven and know what you want which is expressed with your well defined life goals.
  • Daily habit to log into IWFMG account and continue to do the inner work.
  • Achieved a BIG Life goal set in the transformation stage.


What's Included:

Training Video's

Every month there are training video's focusing on issues men are facing. I will either highlight content that is available in the program, this will provide some guidance and accountability on how to apply the strategies. I will also share some video's that I feel will speak to what a man needs to live his best life. These training video's are supportive, confidential and providing a healthy way for men to do the work and begin to tap into their masculine strength. 

Community Connection

Men find their strength when challenged and when they're connected to men who call them to live their highest standard. You will have 24/7 access to the community, to connect with other men to get some quick feedback. Have you ever had a night where you fought with your wife and you had this empty feeling in the morning on how best to handle. Maybe you've felt flat and just going through the motions and not very excited about anything. This is the type of stuff you can bring into the community and get some feedback. 

Are you living a full life, with focus, and passion with a mission to play big in life?

This group is for men who don't want to continue living a boring life, feeling stuck or settling for a mediocrity. If you want to challenge yourself to live a bigger life and go after your dreams, join Inner Work For Men Group. 

Join The Inner Work For Men Group $29/mo, experience the power of transformation


You can't miss anything everything is recorded for you to watch at your convenience in your online account. The training video's are uploaded through the month. However, you'll be able to get access to all the trainings.

Online Courses

As a member of the group, you'll have immediate access to various online courses and you'll be the first to get any new courses. The overall retail value for the courses is over $400, which you'll have access when you join the group.


What do you want in life? This group is for men who won't settle and are committed to living an incredible life. You need to make a decision, are you worth $1/day? The $29 per month is an investment in your well being. I think you're worth it, do you?

This is for men who want to be part of a brotherhood of other men and live life at high standards. 

Join the Inner Work For Men Group $29/mo, experience power of transformation.

Money Back Guarantee

Join the group and if it doesn't work for you, simply send me an email, within the first 30 days, and we'll refund you immediately.